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short quiz thing
What time did you go to bed last night?: ehh like 4 or 5 am
What time did you wake up this morning?: like 4 pm
Do you know what woke you up? If so, what?: matt playing videogames hah
Who was the first person you saw this morning?: matt
What did you have for breakfast?: Nothing.
What was the first song you listened to today?: pinch me by barenaked ladies. hah it was on in the car
Who was the first person you thought about when you woke up?: i dunno
Who did you talk to first today?: matt
After breakfast, what did you do?: I didn’t eat breakfast.
Then what?: drove home
... And after that?: made food
What did you have for dinner/lunch?: spaghettios.
Who made it?: me
Did you enjoy it?: sure
What did you do after dinner?: talked online
Did you go anywhere today?: i left matts house and came back to my house
What time did you go on the internet?: i dunno.. like an hour ago maybe
How long have you been on the internet for?: ^^^
Did you make/receive any phone calls today?: yes
Have you sent/received any e-mails today?: yes
How many surveys have you taken so far? ((not including this one)): one
Are you currently in an Instant Message chat?: not really
If so, who with and what's the topic?: -
What music are you listening to?: none
If none, what song/tune have you got in your head?: none b/c im watchin tv
Describe breifly what clothes you're wearing ((not trying to be rude, lol)): sweatpants and a t shirt that has the sleeves cut off but its cute..
What mood are you in?: bored/tired/sad

Finish The Sentence...
The best thing that happened to me today was...: ummm nothing
The worst thing that happened to me today was...: i busted my lip and i dunno how.... and im sad
I have spent the following amount of money today...: none
I am in love with...: i love him but i dunno if im in love w/ him
The best word(s) to describe today is/are ...: just another day
If today was a colour, it would be...: gray
It would be this colour because...: im not in a good mood anmd theres nothing special about this day
If today was a song it would be...: ordinary day by vanessa carlton hah
Today has been...: boring
This survey is...: okay
I give this survey the following mark out of ten...: i dont care
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