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survey shit

A fun survey to put in your LJ

Created by PNutButtas and taken 1031 times on Bzoink

~*All About You*~
What is your name?kathleen
When were you born?wilmington, nc
Where do you live?cary
Are you male of female?female
How tall are you?5'8 ish
What color hair do you have?brown
Is it your real hair color? If not what is?brown
Do you have glasses/contacts?no
What color are your eyes?blue/green
If you are a male...do you have any facial hair?
What is your ethnic background?im german/irish
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?yes
If so...what is thier name?matt
If you do not have a partner do you have a crush?
Are you or have you ever been in love?yes
What is your religion?atheist
Do you have any nicknames?kiser, kath, kat
Do you play any sports?no
What are your hobbies?partying, dancing, drinking, sleeping, cuddling hah
~*Either/ Or*~
McDonalds Or Burger King?bk
Chicken or Beef?both
Dogs or Cats?cats
White chowder or Red chowder?ew
West coast or East coast?east coast!
English or Math?english
Pants or Shorts?pants
Sweatshirts with hoods or sweatshirts without hoods?hoods
Salty or Sweet?salty
Fluff or Jelly?jelly
Summer or Winter?winter
Hot dogs or Hamburgers?hotdogs
Football or Baseball?football
French Fries or Onion rings?french fries
Contacts or Glasses?glasses
Coffee or Tea?tea
Soda or Juice?soda
Skiing or Swimming?swimming
Rings or Bracelets?bracelets
~*When is the last time you...*~
Talked on the phone?ehhhh earlier today
Laughed?this afternoon
Hugged someone?this afternoon
Kissed someone?this afternoon
Told someone you loved them....and meant it?last night
Ate?just like 2 minutes ago
Danced?saturday night at a party
Rode a roller coaster?a long ass time ago
Went out to dinner?last night w/ the tuttle family hah
Swam in the ocean?last thurdsay night, well i dindt swim in it, i ran around drunk in it
Went to a concert?its been quite a while unfortunately
Bought yourself something new?its been a long time :(
Worked?ehh a long time hah
Played a board game?wow who knows
Went to a party?saturday night
Saw your best friend?today, i consider matt my best friend too
Saw a shooting star?acutaly like last week
Got nervous/happy butterflies?i dont remmeber
~*Do You...*~
Like to cook?no
Have any piercings?yes
How about tattoos?no
Do you drink?yes
Do Drugs?very rarely
Have cable/satellite televison?cable
Go to school?no
Actually like school?-
Like to read?sometimes
Like to play video games?sometimes
Eat vegetables?sometimes
Eat seafood?never
Have the ability to curl your tongue?yes
Like to shop?when i have money
Like to go to clubs?yes
Like to dress up?yes
Do you or did you go to school dances?in middle school
Like your job (if you have one)?well i start tommaorw. hopefully i like it
~*Which one of your friends...*~
Do you have the most memories with?probably sarah or my sister
Do you have the most in common with?i dunno. probably m y sister
Is the loudest?they all can be hah but probably all the girls
Is the most attractive?i cant say hah
Is the funniest?theyre all funny
Do you trust the most while in the car?matt
Do you trust the least while in the car?probably rose haha
Do you tell the most secrets to?matt
Has told you the most secrets?steph
Makes you nervous?ehh i dunno
Has the biggest wardrobe?hah i dunno.. that might be me
Has the nicest car?hmmm i dunno, brians van is pretty pimp tho haha
Is always late?oh god hah lots of people
Is always happy?rose is probably happy the most
Is the most hyper?all of us when we're drunk hah
Has the worst taste in the opposite sex?hmm i wont say haha
Is the smartest?hmm haha i dunno w'ere not a group of a students
Is the most photogenic?probably heather or beka
Has the best job?ehhhh i dunno
~*Ouick thoughts to ponder*~um hah
What came first the chicken or the egg?i dunno..
Is the glass half empty or half full?i hate to say it but to me half empty
Describe your perfect date:out to eat, to a party and getting wasted, then back to the bedroom
Describe your ideal vacation spot:the beach
What are some qualities you'd like your significant other to have?caring, affectionate, fun, likes to party
Describe your dream job:doing nothing and getting piad for it
Describe your dream ride?ride?
If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would you be?far away
If you could speak to one person dead or alive who would it be?thats a toughy
If you could be anyone or anything in the world what would it be?someone rich and famous and beautiful
Why did you take this survey?boredom

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