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survey and a cute picture..

isnt this cute.. heather, mandy and me at mandy's pimps and hoes partay
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
now heeres the damn survey..

a n g e r section.
do you have a quick temper?: yes very
what do you do when you're mad?: lots of things hah, i yell at people and soemtimes try and hit/slap/pinch them
what's the worst thing you've done when you were mad?: ehh we wont get into that
if you can take back time, would you have never done this?: yes
ever physically hurt someone when you were mad?: yes
do you curse when you're mad?: yes

c r y i n g section.
when was the last time you really cried your heart out?: ehh probably sometime this week
ever cried yourself to sleep?: yes
ever cried on your friend's shoulder?: yes
ever cried over the opposite sex?: yes
do you cry when you get an injury?: yes
do certain songs make you cry?: yes
can you make yourself cry?: yes in like a second, i rock at it

p a i n section.
what's the hardest thing you've ever had to go through?: pretty much anything having to do w/ my mom, her living situations, her and her boyfriend, her bad decisions, her being poor
what's the worst thing you've done to somebody else?: ehh i dunno
ever had a painful break up?: no
what about the old 'pain for pleasure'?: what
how depressed can you get?: extremely depressed
do you inflict pain on yourself?: too personal of a question

h a p p y section.
are you normally a happy person?: no
what can make you happy?: getting drunk, partying, friends
do you wish you were happier?: yes
what makes you the happiest?: i already said
is being happy overrated?: no
what about being with your friends, does that make you happy?: yes
can music make you happy?: sometimes

l o v e section.
how many times have you had your heart broken?: never
do you still have feelings for any of your old significant others?: no
have you ever loved someone so much, that you'd die for them?: ehh no
did you ever love a guy, tell them that, and only got 'thanks' as a reply?: no
ever loved someone so much, it hurt and made you cry?: dont think so
has anyone besides your friends and family ever said 'i love you' to you?: yes
ever stopped a relationship because they didn't say 'i love you'?: no

h a t e section.
who do you actually hate?: cal
ever made a hit list?: no
have you ever been on a hit list?: who knows
are you a mean bully?: YEAH I BREAK BITCHES FOR BREAKFAST hahhh
do you hate any one that breaks your heart?: um i guess
do you hate George Bush?: yes

s e l f - e s t e e m section.
is your self-esteem extremely low?: usually unless im wearing alot of makeup and a cute outfit and my hair looks good
do you believe in yourself?: no
when people say they think you are pretty, do you deny you are?: if i think i look ugly at the time
are you one of those idiots that think they are ugly, dumb, and fat?: no but i mean i sometimes feel like it. but eveyrone does
are you happy with who you are?: no
do you wish you can be someone else?: god yes
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